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Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7 )


Great Society Inc. is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status based in Los Angeles, California. We conduct missions with a dedication to promoting safe, practical solutions and science-based treatments for the needs of individuals with Autism and their families through disseminating accurate, timely, and scientifically important information about Autism. We are also advocates of using scientific methods to guide treatment and combating unsubstantiated, inaccurate, and false information about Autism and its treatment. ​


Our work began in 2014...



Symptoms, Causes, Risks, and Prevention

3 Functional Levels of Autism| GREAT SOCIETY INC.


Creation of the school for children with ASD in Orange County and other areas of California

Organizing participation in nutrition programs for disadvantaged people

Development of the annual program for training children with ASD

Social adaptation for children with ASD (classes at churches in California)

Development of the remote training program for children with ASD

Cooperation with medical organizations and insurance companies, the preparation of medical care for children with ASD 

Organization of food banks at churches with distribution to those in need and more


A complex development ability that appears during children’s early years is known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (abbreviated as ASD). The developmental disorder causes great damage to the ability to interact and communicate with others. It involves a various range of symptoms and signs. Autism can occur both as a minor or major disability that would involve full-time care or treatment in a special facility.

Patients who have Autism have difficulty with communication. They find it hard to understand what other people feel and think. Moreover, they do not know how to express themselves through questions, words, touch, facial expressions, gestures, and other ways.

They have learning problems, and their skills grow unevenly. People with Autism have communication problems, but they are good at memory, math, music, and art. Therefore, they are good at problem solving and tests of analysis...

Serving Food, Get Involved GREAT SOCIETY INC.

Get Involved

  • Reviewing and improving upon website content and checking website navigation.
  • Writing journal article synopses related to autism;
  • Promoting our website and newsletter; Data Research and Analytics.
  • Monitoring and/or responding to misinformation from the media and promoting accurate information through our Media Watch initiative.
  • Compiling and updating links and resources for visitors to our website.
  • Participating in and assisting with fundraising activities.
  • Conduct close educational support that leads to positive outcomes for many children on the autism spectrum. 
  • Provide an environment suited for visual, physical, and tactile perception of surrounding objects.
  • Provide support for kids with ASD phobia that interferes with their daily lives, including frequent, intense, debilitating, and unusual fears. 
  • Teach Art Therapy, ABA Therapy, Pet Therapy, Behavior Analysis, and Development of children's language skills.
  • Hold camps/extracurricular activities;
    Provide ASD appropriate food (foodbanks) for children and their families.
Volunteering at GREAT SOCIETY INC.

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Great Society Inc. is the US Federally recognized Non-Profit Organization, Public Charity, 501(c)(3) in process, currently seeking compassionate partnership with organizations or people who can support this noble cause at all levels, including financially, in order to follow our "Road Map" with the only one goal is to Support American Autism Community.

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